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Marquee Size Guide

When it comes to selecting what size marquee you want it can be a difficult decision without a proper understanding of what size is right for you. This must take into account the number of people who will be in the marquee, if they will be seated or standing or a mixture of both, the occasion and what else is in the marquee such as a bar, dance floor etc. We aim to help you on this page work out the best size for your particular needs. Although we always advise you to talk to the marquee company too on which they think is best for you.

You will find below a small guide to hiring marquees and getting the correct size for the number of guests and the type of event you are holding.Get a quote

As a general guide we have the following table showing the dimensions of a marquee, the number that they are suitable for based on different sitting types and tables.

Dimensions (ft) Seated (5 ft round tables) Seated (in chairs) Seated (long tables)
12 x 12 12 25 15
20 x 20 30 40 34
40 x 20 70 140 85
40 x 40 130 320 175
60 x 40 200 480 265
80 x 40 260 640 355
100 x 40 330 800 445
120 x 40 400 960 535

You can also work out the size by using this rule of thumb: