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Marquee Hire Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is known world over for its University of Cambridge hence the city plays host to numerous graduation and students parties all year round. As students we often look at the limited budget while entertaining friends over a birthday party, a night out in town or for a graduation party, hence the Cambridge marquee hire has become very popular with the student community in the city. The Cambridge marquees are available in all types of sizes, shapes and themes to suit the trendier tastes of the student community.

Cambridge Marquee Hire

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The Cambridge marquee though stylish and chic has still remained very affordable. The marquee hire Cambridge offers two basic types of marquees Cambridge: the framed marquee and the shaped marquee Cambridge. The shaped marquees though cheaper come in standard three shapes of round, square and hexagonal and in the standard three sizes of small, medium and large. Whereas, the framed marquees though a bit more heavy on the wallet has always been more popular with the students.
The framed marquees come in different sizes and can be shaped according to the theme of the party. The framed marquees also come in various themes ranging from classic to even gothic hence has become the first preference of the students. Most of the marquees also come with an insurance hence the students do not have to worry about any unforeseen accidents spoiling their parties.
The marquees are back in vogue with the latest designs and themes yet they have remained affordable. Hence the next time you are in Cambridge do not forget to hire a marquee and enjoy with your friends.